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Surf & Soul Retreat

A Week of Thrills and Waves

This package caters to passionate surf enthusiasts in search of a dynamic week filled with thrilling wave adventures. Each day guarantees exciting surf explorations, accompanied by rejuvenating sunset yoga sessions for recovery. Immerse yourself in the lively beach ambiance, achieving the ideal equilibrium for those eager to make the most of their time on the waves. Access four additional activities that introduce a diverse element to your week, ensuring a captivating and well-rounded experience. Included in this package is shared room accommodation, fostering a sense of camaraderie among like-minded surf enthusiasts. Brace yourself for an unforgettable week of exciting waves and a range of enriching experiences.

Join us for unforgettable wave-riding adventures and rejuvenating yoga sessions.

For more details on your exciting itinerary and additional activities, please scroll down. Your surf paradise awaits!

Your Perfect Vacation Plan

07:30 – Buffet Breakfast: Start your day with a delicious and energizing buffet breakfast.
08:45 – Surf Briefing: Discuss the surf conditions and choose your options for the day.
09:00 – Surf Exploration: Embark on a thrilling journey along the Moroccan coastline in search of epic, uncrowded surf.
12:30 – Beach Picnic: Recharge with a delightful picnic on the beach, fueling up for the exciting afternoon ahead.
13:30 – Afternoon Surf: Catch more waves during the afternoon surf session, making the most of every moment in the water.
17:30 – Sunset Yoga : Unwind and stretch with a mesmerizing sunset yoga session, a perfect way to relax after a day of surfing.
19:30 – Dinner and Entertainment: Enjoy a buffet dinner with music and animation every Friday and Saturday, creating a lively atmosphere for a perfect evening.

After these invigorating activities, you can retreat to your comfortable bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Included adventure Pack
  • Hiking Adventure: Discover the charm of Moroccan villages and the beauty of the argan forest. It promises a unique exploration beyond the waves.
  • Beach Handball at Sunset: Play an exhilarating game of handball on the beach as the sun sets, adding a sporty twist to your evening.
  • Beach Tennis: Enjoy a tennis match right on the sandy shores, combining the love of surf and tennis in one fantastic experience.
  • Skateboarding: Hit the board and experience the thrill of skateboarding along the coast, adding an extra layer of excitement to your week-long adventure.

Opting for this package grants you the flexibility to unlock any combination of these activities, each spanning 2 hours, thereby enhancing your week-long adventure.

If you have any specific questions or need more information about these activities, feel free to ask!

Service Name

Service sub title
MAD 4460
  • 1 – 6 jours : 77€
  • 7 jours et plus : 70€
  • Triple room : 5€